Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Academy Award® winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter), and Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) star in Predisposed, an affecting comedy co-written and co-directed by Philip Dorling & Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia, The Painted Veil) and produced by Neda Armian (Rachel Getting Married) and BCDF Pictures (Higher Ground, Liberal Arts, Bachelorette). 

Predisposed tells the bittersweet story of Eli Smith (Eisenberg), a piano prodigy, and his mother Penny (Leo) who despite her cheerful, loving disposition, struggles with drug addiction. On the day he has an audition for a prestigious music program, Eli is faced with the challenge of having his mother enter rehab, and a glitch in the system that leads them to enlist the help of an unlikely ally, her drug dealer Sprinkles (Morgan). Circumstances conspire that turn them into a comical yet determined band of collaborators who are forced to deal with their internal demons over the course of the day.

Genre: Dramatic Comedy
Directed by: Philip Dorling & Ron Nyswaner
Written by: Philip Dorling & Ron Nyswaner (Oscar® Nominee)
Produced by: Neda Armian, Brice Dal Farra, Claude Dal Farra, Lauren Munsch, Ron Nyswaner, Paul Prokop
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg (2011 Oscar®Nominee), Melissa Leo (2011 Oscar® Winner), Tracy Morgan